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Working Group


The IBRCS working group is an ad-hoc committee of AIBS. The group must be, on the one hand, representative of the biological community and, on the other hand, broad enough in expertise to effectively tackle the issues before it. To balance these requirements, the working group has approximately 20 members, of whom ten were elected by the leadership of AIBS member societies and organizations (MSO); the remainder were appointed by AIBS. Of the appointed working group members, two must be AIBS Board members and two must be AIBS staff. The Chair of the working group must be an AIBS Board member and is appointed by the President of AIBS, who is an member of the group, ex officio. Motions to be passed by the working group require a simple majority vote.

In general, working group members will serve for two years. However, half of the initial group will serve for one year in order to avoid a complete turnover of the working group in subsequent years. The working group will determine which of its members will serve a one-year term during its first meeting. Members that rotate off the working group may run for re-election with the approval of their nominating MSO.

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