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Working Group

Selection Procedure

Nominations for open seats
Each AIBS Member Society and Organization (MSO) was asked to submit up to two nominations for membership on the IBRCS working group. Nominations were submitted by email to IBRCS project manager, Jeffrey Goldman, by the MSO's AIBS Council Representative. The leadership of each MSO determined how to select the names for submission.

AIBS issued a call for nominations on August 26, 2002 via both traditional mailings and emails to MSO leaders as well as notices posted on the IBRCS website. Each nominations included a brief biographical sketches that included job title, place of employment, disciplinary foci, and technical expertise. Many biographies included a URL for a website that provides more extensive information. AIBS Council Representatives were initially instructed to submit nominations via email to AIBS by 12 p.m. eastern, Friday, September 6, 2002 but the deadline was extended to September 13, 2002. A list of candidates appeared on the IBRCS website on September 16, 2002.
Elections for open seats
Each AIBS Member Society and Organization was asked to cast ten votes for ten different nominees for the IBRCS working group. Votes were cast by the MSO's AIBS Council Representative in an email to Goldman. Like the nomination process, the leadership of each MSO decided how to determine their votes.

Voting began on September 16, 2002 and ended at 12:00 p.m. eastern on September 27, 2002. Election results were announced in an email to MSO leadership and on IBRCS website on September 30, 2002.

NOTE: AIBS MSOs had to be members in good standing in order to submit nominations or cast votes. AIBS Council Representatives had to be individual members of AIBS in order to submit their MSO's nominations and votes. Individuals either elected or appointed to the IBRCS working group must be individual members of AIBS.
Appointment of working group members by AIBS
After the 10 elected members were chosen, AIBS staff assessed the scientific and technological expertise represented by the elected members and made appointments as necessary. Unrepresented areas of expertise, such as computer science, sensor development, hydrology, information management, bacteriology, and landscape ecology, were addressed by the appointments. In addition, the AIBS Executive Committee elected two AIBS Board members to the group and AIBS Executive Director, Richard O'Grady and IBRCS Project Manager, Jeffrey Goldman will serve.

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