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Working Group

IBRCS working group meeting
November 15-16, 2002
Hilton Arlington & Towers
Arlington, VA

The IBRCS working group held its first face-to-face meeting on November 15-16, 2002 at the Hilton Arlington & Towers in Arlington, VA.

The meeting objectives were to:

  • Provide members with a thorough description of (1) the IBRCS project, (2) the NEON concept, including the status of the NEON initiative, and (3) some relevant large, collaborative science programs
  • Facilitate the productivity of the group by providing the members time and the environment to become acquainted with important issues and with each other
  • Accomplish the following specific tasks:
    • Determine focus of white paper to be drafted by the group and a work plan for its completion
    • Plan for three town meetings to hear community attitude about the need for a large-scale biological observatory network
  • Hear ideas from the group regarding specific mechanisms for advancing the goals of the IBRCS project

The meeting agenda included overviews of AIBS' IBRCS project and NEON as well as briefing by representatives of various large, collaborative scientific projects (see list below). In addition, the working group discussed the expanded description of NEON recently released by NSF and began to formulate a white paper on NEON that seeks to evaluate the NEON plan and make further recommendations.

The white paper will address the scientific rationale behind the NEON proposal, including the mission, various components, anticipated scientific results, opportunities for education and outreach, and benefits and applications of the network. The working group also adopted a work plan for releasing the white paper in March 2003.

Briefings on large, collaborative science programs

  • Boreal Ecosystem Atmosphere Study (Boreas)--Rob Striegl, USGS
  • Collaborative Large-Scale Engineering Assessment Network for Environmental Research (CLEANER)--Tom Waite, NSF
  • Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrological Science, Inc. (CUAHSI)--Fred Ogden, Univ. of Connecticut
  • EarthScope--David Simpson, IRIS
  • Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP)--Bruce Jones, US EPA
  • Heinz Report: The State of the Nation's Ecosystems--Robin O'Malley, Heinz Center
  • LTER/OBFS information management projects--Eric Nagy, Univ. of Virginia
  • LABNET--Madilyn Fletcher, Univ. of South Carolina
  • National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)--John Mosseso, USGS
  • Ocean Observing Systems (OOS)--Madilyn Fletcher, Univ. of South Carolina
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