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Working Group


AIBS charges the working group to accomplish the following:

  • Involve a diverse array of biologists and other scientists--including and beyond the AIBS membership--in an exploration of the scientific activities, questions, and applications that can be better addressed with both enhanced infrastructure and data-networking capabilities that link field biology and other areas of biological and scientific activity across regional and continental scales
  • Expose opportunities for interaction between infrastructure and data-networking projects in all branches of biology and complementary projects in other scientific fields
  • Promote collaboration between the biological community and other scientific and technical communities
  • Develop processes to build community consensus about the ways to use enhanced infrastructure and multi-disciplinary collaboration to explore important research frontiers
  • Serve as a comprehensive information source about relevant infrastructure and data-networking projects for the scientific community, the public policy community, the media, and the general public
  • Provide means for both synthesizing information generated by the scientific community about the progress and needs of infrastructure and data-networking projects and conveying the information to NSF
The AIBS/IBRCS Project is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. All Content (c) AIBS, 2000-2004