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The IBRCS Project, an effort by the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), launched in August 2002 with support from the National Science Foundation. The following are the project's goals:

  • Help the biological/scientific community--within and beyond the AIBS membership--to determine the needs and means for increased physical infrastructure and connectivity in observational platforms, data collection and analysis, and database networking in both field biology and other more general areas of biology and science
  • Provide for communications within this community and with NSF regarding the development and focus of relevant infrastructure and data-networking projects
  • Facilitate the synergistic connection of diverse researchers and research organizations that can exploit the power of a large-scale biological observatory program
  • Disseminate information about biological observatory programs and other relevant infrastructure and data-networking projects to the scientific community, the public policy community, the media, and the general public

The project is led by a working group comprising biologists elected from the AIBS membership of scientific societies and organizations and appointed from the scientific community at-large. It is assisted by the project manager on the AIBS staff and various technical advisors. The working group was assembled during the summer and fall of 2002.

The project has a special focus on the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) program, which is a major NSF initiative to establish a national platform for integrated studies and monitoring of natural processes at all spatial scales, time scales, and levels of biological organization. Funding for the NEON program has been proposed in the FY 2003 NSF budget, but Congress has not yet approved the expenditure.

AIBS and the IBRCS working group will

  • Summarize and evaluate past workshops on relevant infrastructure and data-networking projects, such as NEON, and maintain a rolling summary of all future workshops and related activities
  • Conduct collaborative and consensus-generating activities, such as working group meetings, joint sessions at the annual AIBS council meeting, workshops, presentation and discussion sessions at scientific conferences, and coalition meetings with other scientific organizations. All of these activities seek to advance the goal of involving biologists and other scientists in thinking about and working together on the kinds of scientific activities, questions, and applications that require infrastructure and data-networking enhancements
  • Make the biological community aware of relevant infrastructure and data-networking activities in other scientific or technical communities, such as geology, chemistry, toxicology, hydrology, remote sensing and GIS, engineering, nanotechnology, biosensors, mathematics, computer science, and data management and information technology


Jeffrey Goldman, PhD (), is the IBRCS project manager. Principal investigator under the grant is Richard O'Grady, PhD (), AIBS executive director.

The AIBS/IBRCS Project is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. All Content (c) AIBS, 2000-2004