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Regional NEON Groups

As the NEON concept has developed, regional groups have self-organized to create partnerships, inventory existing infrastructure, and generally explore how NEON can enhance research capacities within their regions. The NEON regions are based loosely on ecoregions and represent the major biomes of the United States and Antarctica.

Throughout the country there are now fifteen such groups. They vary in their formal organizational status — some just starting to meet formally, others organized for several years. Regional group meetings have aided in building momentum by creating a forum for the NEON community to consider how this national research platform can improve our ability to understand ecological phenomena.

Tentative regions are mapped below. The boundaries were initially determined at a meeting of key leaders from each of the regions that took place at the Conservation Research Center in Front Royal, Virginia on Jan 27-29, 2004. Since that meeting, new regions have emerged and boundaries have evolved. It is likely that they will continue to do so.

map of NEON regions view high-resolution version (3865 x 5876, 1.4 MB PDF)

NEON Regions


UC Riverside, September 9-10

National Zoological Park Conservation Research Center, September 28-29

University of Michigan Biological Station, October 15-17

Colorado State University, November 5

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