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California Ecological Observatory (CALEON)

Regional boundaries

CalEON includes all of California: the Colorado/Mojave deserts, the Sierra Nevada including its eastern slopes plus the Modoc Plateau and White-Inyo Mountains, and extends in the north to the border of the California Floristic Province — i.e. including the SW corner of Oregon.


Michael F. Allen, Center for Conservation Biology, University of California,
Michael P. Hamilton , James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve, University of California-Riverside,
Brent D. Mishler, California Biodiversity Center and University & Jepson Herbaria, University of California-Berkeley,

Organizational Status

A large group of interested faculty has developed across the University of California system (along with colleagues in the California State University system), linked together by the UC Natural Reserve System; several research units such as the California Biodiversity Center and the Berkeley Natural History Museums at UCB; the Center for Conservation Biology at UCR; the Cooperative Ecosystem Study Unit (CESU); as well as the NSF-funded Center for Embedded Networked Sensing.

More Information Available At —website is under construction.

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NEON Regions

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